Which Flooring to Install in The Bedroom?

A discussion on whether to install carpet or hardwood flooring in your bedroom

Flooring is a very important part of your home. It provides comfort, serenity, safety and beauty to the overall interior of the home. It depends upon your budget, taste and choice which one to install in all the rooms in your house. For bedroom, specifically, you need to decide what do you prefer to touch with your feet when you wake up in the morning. Do you like the soft cushioning of your carpet or do you want something firm and hard when you wake up and leave the bed. The debate that which one of the two; i.e., hardwood flooring or carpet is better to be installed in the bedroom, is quite old and has been around for a long time. The truth is that, there is no direct answer to this question and it is still as unanswered as it was in the past. Indeed, both the flooring options have their own merits and demerits. Most of the people say that the like the warmth, freshness and softness of the carpet under their feet as they enter their bedroom, while some say that they can maintain the new look and feel of the hardwood flooring, through simple but regular maintenance for it. They also opine that hardwood looks luxurious, fancy and provides an exquisite look to the entire home. This article considers both the options in detail and will help you decide which of the two to incorporate in your bedroom if you are faced with the same dilemma.

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Hardwood – you know that hardwood flooring is considered one of the most prestigious of all the floor surfaces. You should expect that you will pay more for this high-quality flooring solution but it is a long-term investment that adds extra value to your home. Its first advantage is that when you have a hardwood floor at your house you are not stuck with a certain color or shade as wood have different patterns so basically you can`t find two exact same hardwood floors. If you see that the wood floor becomes dull you can always sand it and refinish it and bring it back to life.

On the other hand, in order to make well-informed decision you should know its disadvantages as well. The main downside is the price of hardwood flooring. Its luxury touch comes with its high price.

Carpet – hardwood flooring certainly has some benefits but you should consider the installation of carpet, too. One of the most important advantages is the feel of carpet. It is soft and comfortable underfoot – it provides any space, including your bedroom, with an inviting and cozy mood. Another thing that makes carpet a great flooring option is the fact that it comes in much wider variety of colors, patterns and styles than hardwood floors. There are so many stylish options that can make your bedroom feel trendy and luxurious. If you want to stick to choosing an eco-friendly option there are carpet collections that are made of sustainable, natural fibers.

However, carpeting comes with its disadvantages, too. We mentioned that carpets are soft which means they are very absorbent and spills and stains can easily damage them. Carpet is also really susceptible to moisture and you should check regularly for growth of mildew and mold.

Author: Chad Johnson

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