When a Carpet becomes a Social Media Icon!

The Discontinued carpet commonly used in Marriott Hotels has found a new lease on life as a fashion and social media icon.

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis has seen a new social media storm with portions of discarded carpet being turned into new articles of fashion, costumes and jewelry! The bold pattern reportedly gained a loyal following at the fantasy convention Dragon Con which is held at the hotel every year.

However, when the hotel decided to renovate its carpets it fell foul of fan opinion as the new carpet featured streaks of brown and beige, unlike the mosaic yellows, blues and reds in the old carpet. As a result, fans have recovered portions of the old carpet to either sell it on Ebay or keep it.

In 2016, Zan Bowedn (a regular attendee at Dragon Con) turned the carpet into a costume and ever since others have followed her example. She has reportedly told the Wall Street Journal “I got 30 random strangers to dress up like carpet and march with me.” “You should have heard the cheers of the crowd.”

This carpet has now seen a large fashion and social media following due to the loyal appreciation from the attendees of Dragon Con. There are now dedicated blogs instructing Dragon Con attendees on how to make carpet patterned fabrics and even facebook groups that barter pieces of carpet!

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Some wear it as costumes.

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These will be getting an interesting update this year…

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Including a carpet-themed Stormtrooper …

… and a Marriott carpet Deadpool.

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Some fans formed the “Marriott Magic Carpets Quidditch team.”

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Bye Dragon Con!


The Cult of the Carpet is one small element in a larger subculture where people cling onto carpet designs.

In 2013, for example, Portland’s PDX airport began replacing its beloved teal-colored carpet, which featured slashes of violet and light purple.

But fans of the design didn’t let go, and replicated it for everything from bike helmets to beer bottle labels, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Author: Jacob Shamsian

Link to article: https://www.thisisinsider.com/marriott-hotel-carpet-dragon-con-costumes-2018-8