Top Quality Flooring Trends for the Current Year

This article provides the best flooring trends for this year

Quality flooring is an essential part of the interior design of your home and is integral to the styling of it. It serves as the core of any interior design scheme. Different types of flooring from carpets roll ends and vinyl floors to laminate flooring, are available on the market, based on your budget and interest. There are numerous considerations for selecting the flooring for your home. Some people are looking for safety, while some prioritize style over other aspects; some people require flooring which is robust and can withstand wear and tear.  So, the needs and requirements are really varied and so are the kinds of floorings in the market.

Selecting the best flooring for your home is by no means an easy task. While it’s difficult in its own capacity, it becomes extremely hard due when there are a lot of choices around. For instance, if you are looking for style and strength, you need to opt for hardwood flooring and vinyl floors. If you are into robustness and reliability, you can opt for bamboo flooring or carpet roll ends. For economically feasible options, you need to select laminate flooring.

Since the selection of flooring is so difficult, this article is here to help you out. It reflects on the latest quality flooring available for the current year. For example, parquet flooring has resurfaced and not shabbily. It is one of the top trending flooring options for the current year. Parquet is available in many different textures and designs but the traditional pattern is still topping the charts.

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 Grey Flooring Trend

new grey quality flooring trend

The recent surge in the popularity of grey floors has had experts in the industry wondering whether the flooring trend is simply a fad or potentially timeless.

Head of marketing at Posh Flooring, Stephen Gillen, confirms, “It looks as though the colour grey is here to stay. Search trend data tells us that the interest in grey flooring has only risen over the years and it’s set to be a favourite among those wanting to achieve a clean and classic look in their home.”

Blonde Flooring Trend

new blond flooring trend hall way with carpet cover visit carpet shops clitheroe carpet warehouse“Second only to grey floors, blonde is a top flooring trend for 2017,” says Head of  Marketing at Posh Flooring, “blonde shades of flooring can make a small room look more spacious almost instantly,” he adds. Pinterest tells us that blonde flooring is definitely a trend to watch out for in 2017. It works with oak, bamboo as well as solid wood flooring and is a great shade to introduce in the summer.

 Patterned Tiles

best vinyl flooring trends from clitheroe carpet warehouse  a carpet outlet store

There is a plethora of patterned tiles out there and it doesn’t matter what colour you choose- so long as they’re patterned.(That being said, blue patterned tiles have proven particularly popular on Pinterest.)

“Patterned tiles are a great way to inject your own personality in to a room and can make plain rooms which are predominantly one colour, look bright and bold instantly.” Says Stephen from Posh Flooring.

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