Top 4 tips to save money on your new carpet

Deciding on the perfect carpet is hard. With our new Top 4 of things to consider in a new carpet, you’ll be getting a great deal on a quality carpet in no time.



Buying a brand new carpet can quickly become a costly affair. Although miniscule prices on low quality carpets can be attractive at first, they can end up costing you far more in the long run. 

Hidden costs lie at every turn such as oftenly charged excess material when carpets are sold at set widths that don’t match the width of your house, room or business. Many other carpet shops also include additional charges on underlay and fitting. At Clitheroe Carpets you recieve free carpet fitting when you buy the equivalent size of our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum underlay.


 1. Choose the right material for your needs

When shopping for a brand new carpet, consider your lifestyle and how your room is used. This will change the type of material you should be considering. This is because some materials are better at certain tasks than others. For example some materials may be softer and therefore better for small children. Other could be more hard-wearing or could be incredibly water-resistant. It could be that the perfect flooring could even be laminate or vinyl!

Consider if your are likely to change your carpet frequently. If you are happy with changing your carpet or you want to change they aesthetic in your room frequently, it may be better to choose a lower quality carpet that is sufficiently durable.

For a long-lasting carpet, wool is an excellent option. If you are looking for something that is easy to clean and maintain then synthetic fibers offer great resistance and durability. This is in contrast to wool fibers that are more likely to stain and are therefore not ideal for living rooms.


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2. Take a look at offcuts and discounted discontinued carpets.

Carpet Warehouses often have a number of offcuts, roll ends and remnants. These are highly discounted and are incredibly good value if you can find a piece of these carpets that fit your room or space.

These can be ideal for small flats, box rooms and even large sheds and outbuildings.

Talk to us today about our discontinued carpet lines that are often available at an incredibly competitive price.


Read more below to learn about two other tips on choosing the best carpet!


3. Invest in the right areas

Woman looking at carpet samples in a showroomIf you’re carpeting more than one room, it might seem easier to choose the same carpet and underlay throughout.

But if one is your master bedroom and another is a spare bedroom that hosts visitors three times a year, it could be a waste.

‘Spend the money on rooms where you’ll get the most value,’ Jackie says. ‘If it’s a spare room you could even use a felt-backed carpet, without underlay. It won’t be as comfortable but if you’re hardly using the room, it won’t matter.’

Choose better-quality carpet for rooms that will be used most regularly, such as living rooms, hallways and your bedroom.

Work out the cost of carpet and underlay for your rooms with our handy carpet calculator.

4. Get an itemised quote

Getting a full breakdown of all the costs from your chosen retailer will show you exactly what you’re paying for and help you find places to save money.

As well as the carpet itself, in most circumstances you’ll also need underlay and the services of a professional carpet fitter.

Then there can be a host of extras, such as charges for removing your old flooring, door alterations and buying gripper rods to hold the carpet in place.

Simple steps such as shopping around for a better deal on underlay, clearing old flooring yourself, or reusing existing gripper rods if they’re in good condition, could shave a considerable amount off your bill.

Find more money-saving tips in our guide to how to buy a carpet.


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