The Possibility of Using Quick-Step Laminate in Kitchen

Some information whether or not quick-step laminate can be used in kitchen

quick-step laminate kitchen

Laminate floors have become a popular flooring choice these days. Relatively inexpensive and durable, they come in different colors and designs. Quick-step laminate floors have a scratch-resistant surface, which increases durability and provides good wear and tear capabilities. Kitchen is the room in the house which sees the most traffic and which is prone to the most accidents in the entire house. So quick-step laminate floor can be an ideal choice to be used in kitchens.

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Yes, you can. Quick-Step Laminate floors have a scratch and wear resistant ‘Scratch Guard’ surface layer, making them a perfect choice for your kitchen as well.

Because of the highly moisture resistant HDF core board, an accident with a glass of water falling on the floor for example is not a problem. It is however recommended to remove any standing moisture as soon as reasonably possible.

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