Some Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Use these ideas to make your kitchen seem and feel bigger

If you have a small kitchen which feels crowded and crammed with things all the time, you may not be able to fully enjoy using your kitchen. The kitchen should be spacious so that you can move around freely and breathe comfortably while working. This article provides some astonishing ways which can help you remodel your kitchen and make it appear bigger.

Read the complete article to learn how to create an illusion of a bigger kitchen if you have smaller space!


Low Contrast Colour: Keep everything in the same colour family, with minor variation. Light colors, or all white helps too. In the kitchen above, the cabinets and appliances blend in with the walls, and things feel more spacious than they actually are.


Light Furnishings & Decor: Certain elements — like backless barstools, wire kitchen islands, or glass pendant lights for example — leave sight lines open and don’t trip up your eye as you move around the room.


Little Visual Clutter: This isn’t just keeping things tidy and tucked away (although it’s that too). It’s about maintaining clean lines, without tons of overly decorative details. Avoid things like corbels and ornate cabinet pulls, and opt for a more minimalist look instead.

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