How to choose the perfect Home Carpet to make your room pop

Trends in home fashion are always changing. This prompts people to be constantly updating their accessories, furniture and even the walls and ceilings of their home. However, the often unappreciated aspect of interior design that can make a huge difference is flooring! When choosing to revamp and improve your home, the choice of flooring can change the entire feel of a room.


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There are many options on the market in flooring choice which include Carpets, Laminates, Vinyl, Hardwood, Lino and even Tiles. Although hard flooring options have their advantages due to easy maintenance, carpet can soften rooms making them more homely and ultimately be brilliant for children and pets when they inevitably fall over!



Types of Carpets and Rugs

The range of carpets and rugs available is vast. Different textures, styles, materials and colours can be applied for different reasons; some of which are for more decorative reasons whereas others are used to be heard wearing.

Read more below to find out some of the most popular styles used…


Frieze | Frieze carpets are often used in high traffic areas of the home as they are hardwearing and extremely resistant to spills, stains and vacuum markets. It is easily identified by it’s strongly twisted, curly little fibres.


Saxony | If you’re after a luxury carpet that offers both comfort and style, then Saxony carpeting would make a wonderful choice. It’s known for being extremely soft and is therefore often recommend for ues in bedrooms and living rooms, where ‘cosy’ is a real must.


Shag | Popular in the 1960s and today for it’s retro appeal, Shag is a carpet defined by it’s long, rough pile. Shag carpets are fun and great for adding a little luxury to the home.


Textured Carpet | The most common carpet type today is the textured carpet, which is often used in top traffic areas of the home. This carpet is great for hiding marks and stains, so particularly useful if your house is full of kids or pets! It’s also a great choice for businesses like offices, hotels and other commercial buildings.


Berber Carpet | Berber Carpet can be made from both natural and synthetic fibres. It is long-lasting, hardwearing and extremely resistant. Careful cleaning is required to preserve its longevity.


Plush or Velvet Carpets | A real luxury, plush and velvet carpets are generally smooth to touch and known for being more of a show piece than practical carpeting. You must be extremely careful with plush rugs, as they are easily stained and permanently damaged. Perhaps not the best choice for a family home eh?


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Now you know a little more about the different carpet types available, here are a couple of questions you should consider in order to choose the best carpet for your home.


How much will it cost?

Set a budget for carpeting your home and make the most of it by selecting the best carpet for each room. You may want to consider investing in higher quality, stain-resistant carpets for rooms like your living or dining room that get a lot of traffic and then cheaper alternatives for say, your spare room, which may only be used every so often.


As well as considering the cost of the carpet, you also need to take installation and cleaning costs into account.


What look do you want to achieve?

Although flooring is often considered the more contemporary choice, if you have your heart set on carpet, you’ll still be able to achieve a variety of looks through carefully selected colours and patterns. You’ll need to think about the colours of the walls, whether or not you want the carpet to blend in or stand out and the overall look and feel you’re hoping to achieve. Darker carpets are usually better for hiding stains but lighter and more natural carpets can enhance the size of a room; making it appear larger. Patterned carpets are great for those wanting to make a statement or alternatively you could opt for flooring and a statement rug, if you wanted the practicality of flooring but the comfort offered by carpet. Always ask for samples to get a better idea of what you will be buying.


As a mum of a toddler, the idea of carpeting our future family house (when we buy one) does slightly concern me, as I feel flooring is a much safer and practical choice. Spillages can easily be mopped and dirt can be hoovered up quickly. However, knowing there are hardwearing carpet choices out there does put my mind at ease a little. I think you’ve just got to weigh up the pros and cons to decide what’s best for your own home.


Carpet or flooring? What’s your preference for home improvement?


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