How do you pick amazing flooring?

How do you decide?

We all want that amazing flooring that matches every little piece of detail in our room but how do we do it? You can bring samples into our shop of wallpaper or paint to see what will pair up best or take pictures. Another thing you may want to consider is how often do you re-decorate your house because you wouldn’t want to pick flooring that lasts a long time and then must re-do it when you decide to redecorate. Flooring isn’t always cheap but this is because it last so long! It’s very easy to pick furniture and wall decorative but it’s just finding flooring to match.

Do you want something that is super comfortable and soft or something that is easy to clean and looks amazing? Either way we can supply that! Kitchens and bathrooms, you most definitely want something that can handle spills, water, food etc. You don’t want to buy carpet that ends up getting water or other spillages on it and then it soaks through to the underlay. Flooring like vinyl is brilliant for bathrooms and kitchens, also we have fantastic ranges and designs! Everyone find’s something that goes with their home!

Where about do, you have a lot of traffic? Is it the hallway or if you don’t have a hallway maybe straight into your kitchen? I wouldn’t go for a light shade of flooring if you are most likely to be wearing shoes a lot there, especially when it comes to winter or your pets might have a lot of dirt on their paws.

With so much inspiration out there today, how do you decide what you would like in your home or what would match? Is modern or shabby chic your thing or maybe you prefer a country cottage look? This article provides some fantastic points about flooring that looks amazing and how it would match certain rooms in your house. We have more fantastic blogs about choosing your flooring so take a good luck and we will see you soon!


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How to Pick Killer Flooring to Match Your Room

What Room Is It?

It’s important to consider the room and what it’s going to be used for. In a kitchen, you’ll need to think about the possibilities – what could go wrong, that is. Expect your kitchen to undergo many spills, splashes and smashes. It’ll need to be hardy enough to survive dirty paws, dirty feet and a high traffic volume too.

Image: kmeneses via Flickr Creative Commons

Who Is Going to Use It?

Again, you’d think this one is obvious, for example, if you’ve got pets and kids, you may need to rethink the sophisticated, snowy floor you had in mind. It might look swanky – but it won’t stay that colour for long, and, soon enough your elegant white room will look a little more like fifty shades of ghastly grey.

If your kitchen is next to the back door and you’ve got a dog/cat/horse or an extremely keen mini football player – it’s probably wise to reconsider the white tiles. Otherwise you’ll spend half your life, stuck in the kitchen, mopping up. Even Cinderella managed to escape all that!

Similarly, for entrances and hallways when shoes are still on – beige or natural coloured carpets will look grubby and grimy quickly.

Not got kids or animals? Unless you’re a mucky pup, you can go for any floor but think to the future. Is this a lifetime-home? Or are you planning on selling?

Scandinavian Chic

Scandinavian décor is one of the hottest looks right now. Though modish, this interior can feel quite cold because of the harsh monochrome colour scheme so add warmth through your flooring.

Scandinavian kitchens are typically black and white with chrome and highly contemporary finishes such as spotlights, industrial-style lamps… and the odd antler ornament thrown in. Create a contrast by choosing a wood or laminate floor in either black oak or white oak shades.

For a softer look, choose something closer to a maple colouring. Vinyl planks are gaining popularity for their economical and durable nature.


Laminate is cheaper whilst still delivering the look of real wood. There are many different styles and colours available and laminate can be made to look like wood, stone or even ceramic.

Dark flooring can also be used in modern minimalist styles, Hollywood or Gothic glamour gaffs and hi-tech homes whereas white flooring creates the ultimate finishing touch to a shabby chic, nautical lodging or industrial interior.



Country cottage and vintage looks have long been firm favourites in the design files. Think original, oak beams, exposed wood and farm houses! This style relishes in reclaimed wood and cosy corners – with a huge fireplace to boot.


To create the ultimate country home cosy lounge, reclaimed wood floors in shades such as aged walnut or warm oak will be perfect. For the modern-day eco-warriors amongst us, it may be worth buying laminate instead of wood as to avoid buying rare wood materials.

Image: moderncountrystyle


Modern homes are categorised by their fuss-free, uncluttered, functional designs. Modern homes make the most of clean, geometric lines and avoid excessive accessories. Art, rather than knick-knacks, is most at home in a modern home and the ‘less-is-more’ ideology rings true in this interior style.

Peaceful, quiet and harmonious bedrooms work well with modern and contemporary styles. A range of colours can be used here but ensure the effect is calming rather than passionate. Carpets and rugs are ideal for relaxing and letting loose in a modern bedroom. Strong natural fibres are cool and practical and will make anyone feel warm and cocooned.

Image: GranitArchitects via Flickr CC

Rugs and carpets are warmer underfoot than wooden or stone floors and will make a huge design statement. A large rug in the centre or under the bed can create a focal point to the room. Horizontal striped carpets will make a room feel wider whilst vertical stripes can make it seem longer.


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