Handmade Turkish Carpets: How do they do it?


Turkish carpets are world renowned, but how do you get the colour tone found in these highest quality carpets.

From handmade carpets to embroidered rugs, Turkey is famous for its artisan tapestries. Before any of these luxurious fabric wares are made available for purchase, they are sent to the south of turkey.

Here, local farmers take a break from tilling the land to work in the carpet trade

Each day, these carpets are lain on the fields, keeping an eye out for pests and repeatedly flipping the carpets until the desired hue of the colours is achieved

These carpets are then delivered all over the world to international clients, many of which are sold for thousands of pounds.

Author: Bobby Nasser: TRT World
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3AQ1OSiM1I