Hallway Flooring: How can you create that modern but welcoming entrance?

The first room in the house. The room that sets the whole tone for your home. The hallway is often overlooked when compared to bedrooms, kitchen and living room flooring because of the amount of time spent ‘living’ in those rooms. However, the hallway interconnects these different living spaces and its design has a massive effect on your houses aesthetic.


Hallways are the most worn room in any house so it will nearly always be a requirement to fit a form of hard-flooring like vinyl or laminates. These flooring options will be easy to clean and will be hard wearing, lasting you for longer.


In the following article we go over some examples of the modern ways you can reimagine the design of your hallways.


1. Mix materials


Although the hallway will often need hard flooring to ensure longevity. Softening your hallways with rugs and carpet elements will make your space more homely whilst dividing up your spaces into easier to digest segments.


2. Vinyl doesn’t have to be wood-effect


Although Vinyl flooring is often seen with a wood effect, the flooring type can be made to look like a multitude of things! Here, the vibrant woven stripe design created a bright welcoming environment that guides visitors to other rooms.


3. Play with Patterns


Geometric Patterns are in. These designs are not only popular in modern flooring but wallpaper, furniture and more generally, art! This is one trend that is unlikely to change any time soon so inject your hall with a contrast colour that will make every item in your hall pop! By choosing furniture and accessories in complementing tonal shades you can alternatively go for a seamless look.

4. Parques Rugs impart a timeless look


The Dark wood in the above image brings a classic, smart theme to the room. To complement this traditional elegance oak is often paired with parques. However, for a modern twist, Walnut can add a dark depth and Bamboo can be a lighter, more eco-friendly alternative.


Original author: Jennifer Louise Ebert

Link to original article: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/hallway/hallway-ideas/hallway-flooring-ideas-211282