Flooring Ideas for Children Bedrooms

Some great flooring ideas for your children’s bedrooms


Flooring is a very important part of any structure, office, building and especially, a home. Flooring can really affect the entire environment, aura, look and feel of the home and the rooms inside. Flooring can also provide safety, comfort, serenity and calmness to your entire home. While selecting the flooring for all the different sections and rooms in the home, you need to consider a lot of factors. Every flooring needs to be according to the use of the room. The bedroom flooring should be comfortable, warm and welcoming, the kitchen flooring must be hard, robust and strong since it sees the most traffic in the whole house and is also prone to accidents, spills and other problems. The bathroom flooring must provide sufficient resistance against moisture and should be completely slip proof; otherwise it becomes dangerous and accidents may occur. The flooring in your children’s bedroom must also be resistant to scratches and stains; it must be able to withstand wear and tear, the sliding effects of plastic toys and their wheels, it must also be able to stand up against various types of spills and colors. You have to cater and think about a variety of factors before arriving on a decision regarding the flooring of the children’s bedroom. You need to consider the safety of your children and you also need to be concerned about the fact if the flooring leaves some sort of an odor and it must not emit any sort of emissions that may pose threats to your children’s health. This article discusses some great flooring ideas that can be used to select the flooring in your children’s bedroom.

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Carpeting in Children’s Bedrooms

Carpet is the traditional choice for flooring in a bedroom, and it is especially common in children’s rooms. This is due largely to the fact that it is quite plush, and soft, which allows it to act like a cushion resting beneath the entire environment. This surface provides a tactile comfort to the space, while also helping to prevent injuries by padding trips and falls.

Drawbacks to Carpeting Kids Rooms: Kids are messy, and carpet is notoriously difficult to keep clean. It stains easily, and retains dirt, which means that lighter, solid colors are a bad idea in these spaces. At the same time the fibers in carpet tend to attract and retain dirt and dust, which can contribute negatively to the air quality of the area. If spills happen and aren’t dealt with quickly you can also end up with mold issues.

Cork Children’s Room Flooring

Cork is a fairly unique choice for a children’s room, that can provide many of the qualities of carpet, without most of the drawbacks. When installed, cork is naturally soft and yielding beneath your feet, and it can be made even softer by purchasing thicker tile materials. This is despite the fact that it looks quite a bit like more solid hardwood.

However, unlike carpet, cork floors are anti-microbial, and the material will naturally repel the growth of mold and other microorganisms. It is also anti-static and will repel dirt and dust, making a room cleaner and healthier naturally. When installed and sealed properly it can be made nearly impervious to stains, and maintenance is usually just sweeping or vacuuming periodically.

Cork Children’s Room Flooring Drawbacks: Cork is very soft, which means that it can be damaged relatively easily. If you have pets, especially large dogs, their untrimmed nails can scratch and destroy the surface of a cork floor. The pointed edge of hard plastic children’s toys can also cause rips, tears, and gouges in the material. This can be offset to some extent by using cork tiles, which can be spot replaced as needed.

Author: Joseph Lewitin

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