Conservatory Flooring

Conservatory flooring is a big thing to think about. You really want it to look appealing and most definitely suitable for yourself and anyone else living there, also guests. Is it the busy part of your house? Are people always in and out of the room? You should consider something that is easy to clean, comfortable and will last a long time. Sometimes people use their conservatories for the kid’s playroom therefore it might be best to choose a hardwearing type of floor that is stain and slip resistant as you don’t want any accidents to happen.

You will need to ask yourself who will be in and out of the room frequently. If it is pet’s then will they bring in dirt a lot of the time therefore maybe you will be best purchasing a stain resistant easy to clean type of flooring. At Clitheroe Carpet Warehouse we supply the best flooring for all of your rooms at amazing discounted prices so you will definitely find one suitable that will last you a long time. Another thing that you may want to consider is underfloor heating depending on the flooring you would like. You will have to take that into consideration and then you will have more of an idea what will suit your room.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring mimics the look of a traditional wood floor and is much easier to install than a real wood floor. The best laminate floors are difficult to distinguish from real hardwood floors and less expensive.

As well as in wood effect, laminate flooring is also available in tile effect and natural stone effect finishes.

Natural Hardwood

Until recently hardwood floors were not recommended for use in a conservatory, especially in a wet area where moisture could make the planks shrinkage, warp or split. Using natural hardwood flooring in a south-facing conservatory was also not recommended due to the excessive heat and danger from shrinking, warping and splitting.

However Engineered Hardwood can withstand heat and moisture with minimal movement. This is achieved by placing a real wood surface on top of several layers of other wood, such as plywood, high density fibreboard or just another hardwood. The result is a wood floor with great strength that can be used in the extreme environments of a kitchen or conservatory.


Underfloor Heating:

If you are planning to install underfloor heating, ensure your installs the correct insulation and wattage, as there are important different requirements for tiles, timber, vinyl and carpeted floors.

Floor Levels:

It’s important your installer knows the type of flooring you intend to use, to ensure the floor levels are correct.


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