Can A Doormat Be Used To Protect Wood or Laminate Flooring?

A doormat may prove more useful for your wood or laminate flooring than you think

floor mat on wood laminate flooring

If you have installed a new wooden or laminate floor in your home, a doormat may not be the first thing that crosses your mind. If you think logically, however, it makes sense to get a doormat. A good doormat can prove to be a very valuable and good friend of your wooden floor. It will protect your precious high quality flooring against the damage caused by dust, dirt and debris that may come inside your home, dragged with feet.

When we walk outside, regardless of the fact if the conditions are dry or wet, our feet carry a lot abrasive particles from dust and dirt which can really damage your flooring, if not cleaned. The repeated process will lead to scratching to your precious floor and damage the entire beauty of it.

Investing in a doormat to protect your wood flooring is good but the safer and better option is to invest in two doormats; one for the outside and the other one for the inside of your home. The outdoor mat will protect your home from all the dirt and abrasive particles that would otherwise come directly inside the home. The outdoor mats are usually designed in a way that they can ‘brush’ the dirt and damaging particles off the shoes.

This article provides some practical benefits of using doormats to keep your wood flooring safe and sound. Read the complete article to learn more about this!

Either way, an outdoor mat is intended to take the worst of the dirt off your shoes before you enter the house.  If you live in a particularly muddy or rural environment, you may also want to invest in a boot scraper or a boot scrubber so that family and friends can clean seriously excessive dirt off their feet before coming in.  When you choose your doormat for outside, it’s important to make sure it will stand up to the moisture and temperature changes it’s going to have to face.

Once inside the home, a softer doormat is more common and in many ways more effective.  Once inside the house, if you have an outside doormat, your feet should be free of the major dirt and grime and should just need a final dusting down and perhaps a bit of drying off.  It’s important when choosing an indoor doormat that you choose one that will be functional as well as looking good.  Take care to choose an option that won’t cause the wooden floor under the mat to discolor if the mat gets wet.  While there are many pretty doormat options on the market, don’t be tempted to skimp on effectiveness for the sake of good looks.

When choosing the size of doormat to buy, try to choose a size that will accommodate as many footsteps as possible, but won’t overwhelm a small hallway.

Author: Jonathan Sapir

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