Best Water Resistant Flooring 2019 [Vinyl vs Wood Look Tiles]

If you want the best water-resistant flooring in Clitheroe then look no further!

In this list we go through the features of both vinyl flooring and wood effect tiles to diffinitively show which type of flooring is perfect for your home, room or business.

Spoiler alert…

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colourful kitchen

Traditional hardwood floors are incredibly stylish.

Unfortunately, they are incredibly susceptible to damage by liquid and are also very easy to scratch. This damage can be incredibly costly.

Fortunately, Vinyl flooring and wood effect tiles are hard-wearing alternatives that create the same aesthetic as hardwood whilst being far cheaper and providing additional protection to your floors.


But what should you choose between Vinyl and Wood effect tiles?


Before you can answer this question, you need to understand the differences between the two.

Vinyl is made of multiple layers of man made composite materials. This means that is is easy to install and can offer the look and feel of wood.

Wood effect tiles are made of porcelain or ceramic materials and are engraved with an texture that feels and looks like wood.

These man-made materials are incredibly durable and can be used in every room and are suitable for individual projects and businesses.


1. Durability

Vesdura Vinyl Planks - 8.5mm WPC Click Lock - XL Renaissance Collection / SKU: 15198443

Choosing either vinyl flooring or wood effect tiles means that you will have no problems with durability.

They are;

  • Waterproof
  • Pet friendly

And are prefect for…

  • Utility rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • And certain garages and sheds


However, there are things you have to consider with each.


Vinyl flooring doesn’t like lateral movement so when you move heavy furniture over vinyl flooring you must be careful to lift the furniture to prevent any ripping. Luckily, you can get commercial vinyl flooring that is resistant to ripping.

Wood effect tiles are incredibly brittle. Therefore, ensure you don’t drop anything heavy on it or the tile could crack.


With so many different designs and feels to choose from with vinyl flooring and wood effect tiles, it can be hard to decide on the perfect flooring for your home or business.

Both Vinyl and Tiles come in a wide range of styles come in an eclectic range of styles. Come see what types of flooring styles we have in stock at our Clitheroe flooring warehouse.

Vinyl Flooring Samples


You will have no problem with the wide range of available vinyl flooring and wood effect tiles. They come in all variations of hues, colours and tones. If you can imagine the colour; then you can get vinyl to match!


  1. Light colours make rooms feel bigger and more airy whilst,
  2. Dark colours can make rooms feel cozier and warm.

However, dark colour floors will also need to be cleaned more frequently.

Balance the intended purpose of the room with the colour palate in your room to work out the perfect flooring colour to choose.



Because both the vinyl planks and tiles are crafted to resemble the look of wood, they are long and rectangular in shape. Most brands of vinyl are either four inches or eight inches wide and measure four feet in length. The tile is most often offered in four-inch-wide planks that can measure one foot, two feet, or four feet long. Vinyl plants cut easily with a sharp utility blade while the tiles require a tile saw to cut the pieces to length.

Environmental Impact

When ceramic tile is removed, it is taken to a landfill. Luxury vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is typically crafted of recycled materials and can be recycled after removal. Because they are both man-made, there is some environmental impact attributed to the production of both materials to consider as well.


Luxury vinyl planks have become a popular choice because of the look they offer and the inexpensive price point of the product. Not only is the price per square foot incredibly affordable, but the fact that it can be installed easily saves the expense of hiring professionals. Ceramic tile can be budget-friendly as well but requires professional installation and typically costs more per square foot than vinyl plank floors by the time they are in place.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Both vinyl plank flooring and wood look tiles can be cleaned by vacuuming and mopping on occasion. If a floating plank ever gets damage, it can often be replaced. At initial installation, make sure to reserve a couple extra planks for any repairs needed down the line. Wood look tiles exposed to direct sunlight do have the possibility of fading over time. If a wood look tile cracks or the grout around the tile starts to break down, re-grouting or replacing a tile may become necessary.

When trying to achieve the look of hardwood floors at a fraction of the price, both vinyl plank flooring and wood look floors make a fashionable choice. These strong and durable alternatives go places that hardwood flooring is not an option, including kitchens and even bathrooms. Make your open concept space seem larger and more fluid by running the same tile or plank flooring from the front door through the back of the home without breaking the visual line!

Author: Build Direct