Some New Bedroom Flooring Trends for This Year

This article explains about some of the latest flooring trends for your bedroom

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The bedroom may be counted as one of the best rooms in the house – particularly because it provides you with mental peace, relaxation, and peace. We return to the bedroom after being tired due to the fatigue and stress we are subjected to during the day. Your bedroom takes away all your stress and helps you enter a deep slumber; due to which you awaken fresh every morning. According to the interior designer Julia Kendell, the focus for this year will be functionality in the bedroom.

The bedroom sees a lot of activity from our sides these days because we spend more time in it and we do more activities in it; as it is the place which provides us serenity, peace, and quiet. So, a bedroom acts as a safe haven for us, where we can get rid of our troubles and worries. Our lives have become very fast paced and busy. We are extremely busy during the day and most of us get little rest even at night. In our busy lives, we sometimes overlook the importance of getting proper rest and also neglect our peaceful sanctuary – the bedroom. According to experts, it is very important to improve our bedrooms so that we can rest better and perform better in our lives.

According to Simon Bodsworth, the managing director at Daval, the way we decorate and style our bedrooms is equally important and great emphasis should be given to make it more comfortable and better.

This article provides some of the best trends in bedroom designs. You must read the full article to learn more!

A hub of activity

In research from online bed retailer, Time 4 Sleep, one in five Brits (21 per cent) feel that their bedroom is a more comfortable space to relax in than other areas of the home. For us, the bedroom has always been a relaxing sanctuary and a retreat to escape the hustle and bustle, so it’s unsurprising that’s it’s now becoming a hub of activity. The research revealed that reading (59 per cent), watching TV or a film (41 per cent), scrolling through a phone (40 per cent), talking on the phone (21 per cent) and listening to music or podcasts (20 per cent) are the top social activities adults are likely to do in the bedroom.

 Wellness in the bedroom

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Wellness for the home has emerged as a standout trend that focuses not just on what we buy, but how to curate a happier and more mindful space. ‘For a soothing bedroom that promotes relaxation and recalibration, decorate in soothing shades of lilac and grey, plump for tactile fabrics and introduce sleep-promoting scents like lavender,’ advises McCowan Hill. ‘To help disconnect and re-energise, keep screen-time to a minimum and weave in 10-15 minutes of meditation twice a day.’

Textures and materials

Bodsworth explains: ‘Conservative design with modern clean lines is currently defining the contemporary bedroom furniture market this 2018. Highly tactile, textured handles are being considered for depth and character, with integrated accessories such as full length mirrors and lighting being built-in to the front of wardrobes for added value and practicality. Evoking texture, depth and character, we are noting combinations of Grey Oak and Blonde woods.



‘There is a desire for the home to be designed with more individuality. With this in mind, the bedroom should be the most personable space within the home,’ says Andy Briggs, head creative and resident interior designer for Spaceslide. ‘You can effortlessly achieve uniqueness by mixing and matching bedroom finishes – something we’ve already seen our customers doing with our popular three panel doors, with a variation of textures being chosen to create a bespoke look that incorporates the latest fashions.’

Author: Olivia Heath

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