Bedroom Flooring That Requires Low Maintenance

Some flooring ideas for the bedroom that require low maintenance

A bedroom is a place which does not see much traffic as compared to the kitchen, living room or other rooms in the house. A bedroom is a private place and not everyone that visits your home, enters your bedroom. The flooring in the bedroom must be of such quality that it does not require much maintenance. The bedrooms of adults are usually tidy, clean and neat places and the flooring do not suffer as much as it suffers in a child’s bedroom. In the children’s bedroom, you can expect all sorts of activities from jumping, running around, playing with toys, sliding plastic wheels, coloring and other similar activities. In short, you need a floor that is easier to maintain and can also withstand all the tortures and must be easier to keep it clean against the stains. A cleaner bedroom provides more comfort and serenity and looks much more welcoming as compared to a messy and dirty bedroom. This article explains about some flooring options that are easy to maintain and do not require much maintenance in the first place. Ceramic is one option which can be used in the bedroom. It is a manufactured hard tile material, which is mostly composed of clay, mixed with some other natural ingredients. The surface of these tiles can be glazed, providing an extra protective layer against moisture or other staining agents. The article explains more about the flooring options that may be used in your bedroom.

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Resilient Vinyl Living Room Flooring

Vinyl is another man made, manufactured material which is extremely durable, stain resistant, tear resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Unlike ceramics, which consist of thick, heavy tiles, vinyl is a thin resilient surface covering which is available in sheets, or cut tiles of various sizes. This makes it easier to both install, and uninstall sections or pieces if damage does occur.

There isn’t much maintenance that should be required to maintain a vinyl living room floor. The material can be swept, mopped, or vacuumed to remove loose dirt particles, and spills can just be wiped up. You also don’t have to worry about using harsh chemical cleansers with vinyl as the material is immune to almost all staining agents. However, these chemicals can still fill the living room with noxious and even harmful toxins.

Solid Stone Living Room Floors

With natural stone flooring you have the strength, resilience, and durability of a towering mountain, available underfoot in your living room. This allows you to bring the beauty of nature into the space, creating an atmosphere which is both familiar, and exhilarating, while avoiding the cookie cutter manufactured look of heavily processed flooring options.

Because of its inherent strength and durability natural stone is also an easy to maintain living room flooring choice. Most dirt and debris will rest on the solid surface waiting to be swept or mopped away. However, stone is porous, which can make it susceptible to stains. Luckily this can be cured by periodically applying an invisible chemical sealing agent to the tiles.


Laminate is a flooring that allows you to inexpensively reproduce the look of natural materials such as hardwood and stone, in a floor that is actually easier to maintain than the real thing. This can be a great marriage of style and convenience in a living room setting.

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