Are Your Pets Safe from The Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet Cleaners may poison your pets


Carpet cleaning is important and you need to get the carpets cleaned on a regular basis, so that you can maintain the good and clean look of your carpets. However, there is a dangerous downside to the use of professional carpet cleaning surface. According to the research conducted by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG), cats and dogs are being found to be contaminated with high levels of the same authentic industrial chemicals that are found in people. The results from the study were quite grave and serious considering the general health of the pets. The researchers observed and researched on 40 cats and 20 dogs and were found to be containing 48 chemicals out of the 70 industrial chemicals that were tested. The average levels of chemicals were considerably higher in the pets as compared to the people.

The results from the study indicated that the levels of chemicals were like 2.4 times higher of stain and grease proof coatings (perfluorochemicals) in dogs, 23 times more fire retardants (PDBEs) in the cats under observation and the levels of mercury were 5 times more in the pets as compared to people. This article explains the horrors of using different cleaners in the home. Since most of the time, the pets are inside the house, crawling around or lying down on carpets, rugs or the furniture and are exposed to all sorts of chemicals that we use for different cleaning purposes in the house. This article explains in detail whether or not the pets are safe from carpet cleaners.

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Health problems in pets span high rates of cancer in dogs and skyrocketing incidence of hyperthyroidism in cats – exactly what I saw in my own feline. Genetic changes can’t explain the increases in certain health problems among pets, leaving scientists to believe that chemical exposures play a significant role.

Once I realized how dangerous carpet cleaners and other cleansers could be, I took the following steps:

Switched to steam cleaning. Steam cleaning relies on steaming hot water to penetrate dirt and work away grime. I had light grey wall-to-wall carpeting, which was just as clean after steam cleaning as it was when cleaned using more toxic chemicals.

Wiped up spills as soon as they happened to reduce the need for commercial cleaning. Kids throw up. Dogs and cats pee on the floor. Adults accidentally tip over their wine. These are common occurrences in most homes, so aren’t really a big deal, except when it comes to cleaning them up. The sooner that happens, the less damage they do, and the longer you can go before you have to have the carpet professionally cleaned.

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